Grades explained

Walking Grades
Level 1

Easy, mostly flat walking on paths or tracks. maximum distance 8km, up to 3 hours.

Level 2

Some ascents of between 300 and 500 metres, but mostly low level walking and distances up to 10km, 4 hours.

Level 2 +

Each day likely to have an ascent of between 300 -600 metres, mostly on paths but sometimes off – path on uneven terrain. Distances up to 12km 4 – 5 hours

Level 3

Most days with ascent of over 500 metres and/or of longer distances sometimes off path and up to 15km, 5-6 hours

Level 3 +

Some mountain days with an ascent up to 800 metres and/or up-to 20km or possibly longer on one or more days (West Highland Way) Sometimes on paths of varying terrain and occasionally on rougher terrain. 5 – 7 hours.

Level 4

Mountain days with ascents that may be over 1000 metres and sometimes on rough uneven terrain. Distances can be between 15-20 km but may be longer on one or two days. 5 – 8 hours.

Level 5

Technically challenging routes with exposure and/or scrambling on at least one of the days. Ascents could be over 1000 metres. Up to 20km but sometimes longer. 5 – 9 hours.